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Long Island Private Investigator, Detective & Investigation History


President and Lead Investigator Paul Massimillo:

Paul Massimillo is the President and Director Of Investigations at Long Island Investigations, Inc. His unique experience in the investigative world, sets him apart from others in his field and his experience sets him apart from others in the world of private investigators and investigations.

In the Beginning:

Paul's police career started on the streets of New York City. His outstanding performance led him to be assigned to the Organized Crime Control Bureau, Narcotics Division, where he played a key role in the "war on crack" of the 1980's. As a result of Paul's brilliant performance in this unit, and with just a few years on the force, he was promoted to the rank of Detective.

Investigative Career Continued:

Shortly thereafter, he was chosen for assignment to the NYPD's elite Organized Crime Investigation Division, Federal Task Force. He found himself working with fellow NYPD Detectives, Drug Enforcement Agents and agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Serving as lead case officer, he took the fight against crime around the country. Using sophisticated electronic surveillance equipment and his investigative skills, Paul was responsible for more eavesdropping (wire tap) cases than any of his fellow law enforcement officers. He pioneered investigating and prosecuting the previously impossible "cloned phone" wiretap cases and was the first person to successfully undertake a fax intercept case. His success in those areas of investigations, among others, led to the implementation and use of Paul's investigative strategies by other agencies and prosecutors offices. Paul has been a guest speaker at seminars where he has been able to share his knowledge with fellow Detectives, FBI and DEA Agent as well as prosecutors.

Additional Experience and Assignments:

In addition, in 1992, Paul was trained by the US Secret Service and chosen to work with them during the Democratic National Convention, protecting dignitaries including US Senators and Governors. The Governor of Arkansas was one of Paul's Dignitary Protection Assignments. We all know this Governor now as the former President Clinton. His training and experience further includes Dignitary Protection, Counter Terrorist, Insurance Fraud, Narcotics and Organized Crime.

Court Experience:

Paul has testified extensively in State and Federal courts throughout the United States and has been involved in enforcement in several states, on the local and federal level. He has also testified extensively in Civil Court, at the local, state and federal levels. Paul has spent thousands of hours conducting surveillance with the most sophisticated equipment available. He mastered the art of physical surveillance through proven strategies and extensive experience.

Post NYPD - Long Island Investigations:

After a little more than 20 years of police service, Paul left the NYPD. With his retirement from public service, he brought his investigative skills to the civilian world with the formation of Long Island Investigations, Inc., a private investigator and detective agency, based on Long Island and serving Nassau County and Suffolk County. Paul is now offering his extensive investigative knowledge and experience to the public in a professional and cost-effective manner via Long Island Investigations, Inc., a New York State licensed and bonded private detective and investigator agency serving New York City, Nassau County and Suffolk County.





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